Thursday, December 10, 2015

October 12, 2015

Sorry for not writing yesterday, but it was because I went to Xalapa!

I am training this transfer again! But with a brand new missionary! I went to Xalapa yesterday to pick him up and the food with Hna Greer and such. It was a pretty awesome day because I got to see a ton of the missionaries I know and meet a ton of new ones. It was super fun and the food was delicious haha. Super awesome giant burritos of beef and every type of salsa and topping you could think of. 

Then I found out who my kid was. President took all the newbies and one by one they gave their testimony in front and then received their comp. The first missionary that was up shared a super powerful testimony and I had such a strong feeling to really pay attention to the words he was saying. I realized when he said Amen that he would be my hijo. I was right and I received Elder Aguilar from Mexico City as my new companion. He is super powerful and so much like me it is kind of crazy. We both love to eat and talk and sports and just his personality is so much like mine haha. Today we spent the day going back to Tuxpan and just finished eating and everything. We will be headed to the house next for him to unpack and get ready for tomorrow. 

Also this week on Thursday, I had the chance to go back to Cerro Azul for the day on divisions. It was such an awesome experience to see E, I and N again. We talked a bit and they gave a lot of references to the Elder that is there now. I also had them promise to go to the temple within 6 months to do baptisms. E and I blessed the sacrament on Sunday and are super powerful in the church. I am so happy for them! N is also very happy and the Elders are going to be teaching her daughter-in-law and grandson. It makes me so happy that I could have changed the lives of these awesome people and I am so excited to keep on keeping on and find more people to help.

I am so excited for this change and to learn and teach from Elder Aguilar. I didn't take a picture this week because all my focus was one going to Xalapa I am sorry. I also forgot my cables so I will send photos when we get back to the house.

Love you,
Elder Bigelow