Tuesday, December 29, 2015

November 16, 2015

Ummm package wise just like candies and things. Idk I could use some like sweet sharpie markers for my scriptures or something like that. To be honest I really have everything I need. And anything that I don't have I can buy here. It is pretty modern and such, like there is a Sam's here in Tuxpan and we went and bought like peanut butter and everything. Meet the Mormons and The Best 2 Years would be sweet for family home evenings!

I am doing good though. Like I am happy and working and everything. This area has been hard for me because it was my first area as a senior comp and I had to learn a ton of things. I have not had a ton of success here but the area really is progressing from when I got here. Training is hard and sometimes the workload gets to me and I just want to lay down but I just can't. I was reading the other day and it said that the only smart thing to do is to really just work and put it all on the line for the Lord. If we don't then we are just idiots because we are giving up 2 years of our lives for nothing, just to save a little face. But if we work and do what the Lord wants, through us he can do amazing things and we can be changed. Motivates me to do when I feel like I can't.

It has been a little strange thinking about Holden getting married though. I woke up Saturday and remembered that Holden like got married. I was just like what the heck. It is weird thinking about that the family just won't be the same when I get back and I will also be moving on with my life and trying to do things and ugh strange. But I still have plenty of time here in the mission before I have to worry about all that stuff. My visions of what I want are changing though. Like the things I wanted to come back to just don't seem as important anymore and I have more of a desire to do the little things that seemed to bother me before.

We went to Xalapa this week and it was fun and all, but it was the same thing as the last time I went with my other kid Elder ChiƱas. So, it kinda felt a bit of a waste of time to me. Fun to see the other Elders though and to hangout with them. Just 12 hours in a bus ride was hard on the body. I also realized that my English is kind of weird because I say things like I have cold (tengo frio) because that makes sense in spanish and I feel like sometimes I am translating to English haha.

I hope you guys are doing well! How is Landen and Braden? I always hear about Holden haha. Has Landen broken my laptop yet? Braden My 3DS? It is weird to realize that Landen will be dating and driving and all that weird stuff when I get home. It will be fun to mess around with him! 

I do miss you guys a ton though! Sorry about the recordings! Honestly because my church is at like 3 in the afternoon Sunday nights are usually busy with stuff to do and then Mondays are always like the craziest things so I just forget...

Elder Bigelow

 Bit of Xalapa
 Selfie with my camera haha