Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 21, 2015

Um so we will be calling from a members house Christmas at like 3 my time. I just really want to talk to you guys about whatever hahaha.

I had a good week, busy as always. I do miss home a little and with the whole christmas spirit I have been kinda missing our traditions and everything. But nothing like bad haha. We have a ton of cool plans for this week with members and stuff. I am going to try and make popcorn balls with a member family and such. We should be eating really well hahaha.

We did baptize two people on Saturday and that was cool to see some of my hard work come to fruit. We have been working our butts off even though it is Christmas time and everything. Even when it is the hardest time to work. Yay for baptisms. 

I am pretty excited to talk to you guys because it has been like forever and ever hahahaha.

It got like really cold here in Tuxpan this week. Like sitting at about 40 or below and I realized that I do not have any winter clothes hahaha. I borrowed another sweater from a member family and an investigator gave me another. I took out some more money for some like Christmas gifts for my comp. I have no clue how to send stuff home and I really have not had time to look for anything. So, I am sorry that I haven't sent anything haha. 

I did try to send you a picture on your birthday but the wifi where we live doesn't seem to work anymore and then I got busy with trying to prepare this baptism and stuff hahahaa. Sorry!

Miss you guys a ton and we will talk on Friday!
Elder Bigelow

 My district
Yo y Elder Peza a really cool elder that is in my generation.