Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 14, 2015

I am totally going to make popcorn balls with a member because I need my popcorn balls haha. I totally forgot about them until about right now so this should be super fun to try and make! 

I had a super fun and interesting week to be honest haha. Monday we had my little food party and ate Posole (which is like the greatest soup with a ton of stuff in it and super Mexican) then candy, cake and ice cream! I invited the whole zone so I ended up spending a little money to buy all the food but we really had a great time and it was nice to do something for my missionary buddies. 

Tuesday was my first Christmas conference with President and it was pretty fun to be honest! We had some awesome messages and then we broke a piƱata and ate candy. Hermana Greer gave us socks and some pretzel chocolate thing hahaha. We ate some turkey and mashed potatoes then sang a bunch of Christmas songs! It was fun because it was in Poza Rica so it was my first event out of Tuxpan haha. I got to see a few Elders including Elder Soto (the elder that we met in the airport). He is way fun and it is cool because I already know that I will be coming back with him on the plane hahaha. 

Then on my birthday we just worked really hard to be honest, tons of walking and trying to prep some investigators to be baptized. It was kind of funny because at the end of the day I was like well why not buy a pizza and we can eat it for my bday. I called the pizza place and they were all good to go but then for some reason decided that it was too far hahaha. So I ended up eating cereal and watching 17 Miracles. 

This weekend we did a ton of service to help one of my investigators move into a new apartment that was not even close to being ready to live in. We cleaned it crazy good with water and then put in the majority of a bathroom. We also did a bunch of electrical work to put in a couple lights and to bring in power for her fridge and stuff. I really have to thank dad a ton because I know how to put in a toilet mas o menos and I know just a lot of little things about housework because of all the projects that we had growing up. So thank you! 

I am super happy after the dedication of the Tiajuana temple too because we got to participate in that as well this Sunday! It was super spiritual and made me feel good like I was in the Temple again. I really miss the feeling of being in or near the temple. 

We will be trying to call around 3 my time here in Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico. We will be with a member family and everything so don't worry. I am expecting to get your package when I go down to Xalapa again the 22nd for the meeting of the new missionaries (for the third time haha) So we will see how that goes.

Miss you, so much! 
Elder Bigelow

 Cake at the party!

I forgot to take pics of the room that we renovated.....