Tuesday, December 29, 2015

November 9, 2015

Oh my gosh, I have simplified hahahaha, especially in my teaching. I got all super excited when I started to learn a ton of stuff and started to throw in like dates and times and people into my teaching. I think it just confused a bunch of people, especially with my spanish haha. Then in general conference the general authority like burned me with his statement that the gospel is simple and should be simple and taught simply. I have changed a ton of what I say and do in my teaching to be honest.

That is super crazy that Holden is getting married. When you said two weeks I kind of freaked out cause like that is super fast hahaha. Then I forgot all about it until last night and I was like holy crap my brother gets married in a week! Weird... suddenly there is a new person in my life forever and it is a girl! Strange. I am kind of a little happy to be on the mission and not really know whats going on because I just don't know how I would feel. I imagine Landen and Braden know what I am talking about. Just different. I have come to realize slowly and surely that my life is not the same and never ever will be the same. My desires and my wants and my vision of my life are like slowly changing haha. And now there are new family members and new things and friends and wow.

This week was pretty cool and weird for me though. We had a pretty normal week of working and everything, a few divisions and the normal stuff. We found a few people taught a few lessons and got rained on pretty bad haha. It was sweet. Then came Sunday and guess what, we do have primary programs! It was this Sunday and it was really fun and everything, like a little small and short to be honest. We ended sacrament meeting like 15 min early. But the weirdest part is I got to participate haha. My investigator J, who is 8, asked me if I wanted to sing with him and I was like ok hahah. So, we went up on the stand and I sang all the songs with them and everything haha, it was really fun.

Tomorrow we are going to Xalapa for a meeting with all of the trainers and greenies, should be fun. However, I am not looking forward to another day of 12 hours riding in a bus. But I will get to see some friends and escape my zone for a little bit, and talk in a little english! I literally talk all day every day in Spanish. I still make some mistakes and am working on a few things still. When I get really excited and try to talk fast, I sound like an idiot but I still do it. Idk sometimes the gringos when they talk in spanish go like numb of emotion, literally just talking slow and robotic. I cannot do that because I found out I am a really loud and expressive person and I converted that into spanish. Its funny because I think I have confused my brain a bit because sometimes when I talk in spanish like an english word slips out and confuses me and when I talk in English I think like half of my words are spanish anyway hahaha.

Transfers are soon and I am scared that I will have to change areas for Christmas and my birthday. Scary things! 

Love you guys so much!
Elder Bigelow

 Six months!
 Santiago de la peña!
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