Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 7, 2015

Yeah I took out a bit of money out for my birthday to buy a little electric razor when I don't want to shave hahaha. It was cheap though like $10 then I spent some for the party (basically I just bought a bunch of food and stuff for the Elders in my zone) We are doing that tonight right after I finish writing because I am going to work on my birthday (like normal haha). I still have most of the money that I took out though so don't worry.

Yeah I am doing good though. It is a little harder this time of year but I should finally have a couple of baptisms in a couple weeks and hopefully can find some more new people. I have been trying really hard with my new kid because he is just super awesome and I want him to be a really good Elder. So, I am trying to train him really well. President, for some reason, thinks I am like the greatest trainer on the face of the planet because he keeps saying that when he sees me hahaha. I am a little tired of it though because it is always the same things over and over again haha. But I am really happy and enjoying the season.

It is funny because it is so catholic here. They have a ton of traditions and stuff and almost everyday is something to do with the Virgin Maria.

I will be calling you by Skype on Christmas in like the afternoon around this time I am assuming. I have no clue where from still because I don't know if the cybers will be open that day. I will work it out though. I am also excited to talk to you guys, especially Dad in spanish to see how good his is still.

Holden lives in tempe now? Weird. What is he doing with his life? He wants me to come home and get married. I say no. I am serving with dignity, i hope haha, it is still a process of repenting everyday though as everyone does. 

I love you guys so much!
Elder Bigelow
 My new friend, R2D2. It came in a box of cereal haha.
I cut my hair short because I was tired of doing it in the morning.