Tuesday, December 29, 2015

November 30, 2015

Well it is good that things seem to be calming down because here they are too. We seem to have hit the time of year when everyone is leaving and not in town or they really don't have time to listen to the missionaries. It is kind of sad because I just started a training and we have not been able to do a ton. Like yeah we found some people that listened and everything but they cannot make it to church until after the holiday season so it doesn't really do us much good. 

I am pretty happy though. It finally, finally, finally cooled down a bit here in Tuxpan so it has been kind of strange to not sweat during the day. I decided to stop drinking Coke here for a little while because here it is like terrible for you and I started getting kind of chubby again. We would drink Coke at least twice a day because the members just give us Coke and I actually really like it here in Mexico, hahaha it is like addicting. My area is like tiny and flat so I have not been walking that much for 3 months. I am losing weight again it seems but we will see what happens when it comes to my birthday and Christmas.

Speaking of my birthday I am going to have a little party with my zone and I already know I will be spending a little money to get it done. I mentioned it to a member family here and they went nuts planning a Mexican fiesta party thing. With like a piñata and cake and ice cream and tacos and stuff. So I will be buying all of that stuff and also pizza for my zone here. So don't worry. I should be having a ton of fun that week. The members here really, really take care of us though. Like a ton hahaha. 

We have a really sweet zone here in Tuxpan and I am having a ton of fun with the other missionaries. Today we went back to Peter Dog and ate some burgers and shopped around. I just wish one of my baptisms would come to fruit. It seems that every time I get someone prepared, they get to their date and then something happens. Like I had 2 baptisms all set up and then 4 days before her service she gave birth. Then another that got his baptism suspended for 2 months because of some stuff that happened in his life. Like I am super happy and working and these people will get baptized and everything it is just I have not been in the water since Cerro Azul and it has been 3 months. Like my comp baptized one and everything but I am being a little selfish haha.

I also guess I am a grandpa hahaha. Elder Chiñas, my first kid, is also training this transfer so I am a grandpa in the mission with only 7 months! Oh yeah, I also hit 7 months this Sunday! Super weird hahaha. I feel super alive still and am working really hard with my new companion. He is super awesome and super excited to be a missionary.

Also with christmas coming up I am really excited to talk to you guys! I can show off my spanish with Dad and talk to you guys about how the mission is. I mean yeah I can say some things about it through email but it is really hard to talk about how it really is here hahaha.

Love you guys so much! I lost my cable for my recorder btw and the internet in our house died, I guess so I will be sending pics through the email or at church if I remember.

Elder Bigelow

My new kid!
Sweet horse (Dad likes the color)