Thursday, December 10, 2015

October 26, 2015

Halloween is Saturday! What the heck ahahahah That is so weird that I have been out here for almost 6 months! When you work and work and work the time just flys by. I am doing super good. This area has been harder then Cerro Azul to really find success but we are working to find those that are prepared. Training is really hard when you don't have the experience to do so. I feel like I should still be being trained but for some reason President thought I was ready for all this responsibility. I have been working hard to try and figure everything out. I have learned a ton in divisions though and how to change things that I have been doing not perfect or sometimes just bad hahaha.

I had divisions with the zone leaders again this week. I went into Tuxpan with an Elder named Elder Wagnar. His story is interesting because he left for the mission in 2013 about the same time as Holden. But he hurt his knee after like 4 months and had to go home. He came back, a year later though, and now has about 18 months in the mission. It was a super chill day with him because I got to rest from leading and teaching and really just learn. I learned alot and have some cool new plans for my own area. It also really raised my spirits because we had such a busy and worthwile day. 5 lessons and 1 new, and their investigators are all like super chosen and awesome. I know they are out there waiting I just have to keep looking.

Also I had my first experience with daylight savings time. We got up and went to work in the morning on Sunday and worked until food at 1. We showed up and the sister was like why are you guys here so early? I was like it is 1? She said, oh yeah you guys probably don't know hahahaha. We went back an hour. I missed the only day to get 9 hours of sleep in the mission hahaha. It was super weird because that is the first time that has ever happened.

Today was a pretty relaxed day and we just kinda played some card games with members while the clothes were washing. The last Pday before the month is always really boring because no one has money to do anything fun hahaha. So everyone just kinda stays put and waits it out till the first of the month. We don't get much money but it is enough and I am learning to manage a bit better because when I was home I just kinda spent what I wanted because I had money and no expenses hahaha.

Sometimes I do miss how clean America is. Tuxpan is actually pretty clean and everything but sometimes like the little things about the niceness of America you miss. Like trash service and clean, clean houses. But I really do love it here and the food is sooooo delicious. I try to learn how to make something when I like it because I know I will miss it when I get back. You can buy corn flower to make corn tortillas in AZ right?

Elder Bigelow 

Happy halloween y feliz cumplianos a mi perrita!!!