Thursday, December 10, 2015

October 19, 2015

It has been a really fun week. It has been hard. My kid is super, super cool and everything, but it just has been hard to be the leader again and try to do my best. Sometimes I am just so tired and I don't want to get out of bed haha. But I do because I know that what I am doing is important and I can't just lay in bed. I am about to hit 6 months in the mission. I feel like I have barely made an impact on Mexico. I dont have time to waste here. We are working really, really hard because I know that is the only smart thing to do. 

It is weird training from the beginning because I just remember everything that I had problems with during my training and my kid has like the same problems. He has to learn scriptures and how to teach with questions and just everything in between. I had so much trouble with that out of the gate and I understand so much of what he is going through. He has been improving rapidly and we are always always finding people to teach. The Lord is blessing us a ton with people to teach. But we cannot get anyone to go to church. Like they just don't go because of rain or a headache or I don't know something. It hurts when we have such wonderful investigators and they do not commit to learn. 

During my training, one thing that is interesting that I was always thinking about was how after my training things will get better. I will be able to speak better and teach better and everything. But one day I just looked around and was like no way, I am living in Mexico and talking to people in Spanish. I am enjoying the food and my companions are awesome. They is no other place I would rather be. Like yeah, I miss my friends and I miss my technology and sometimes I wish I could just lay on the couch and Netflix, but who would give up the chance to live in another place and really, really experience the people. I have already made huge differences in the lives of people. I have already been able to pick up the language. I have made awesome friends both in members and in my companions and other missionaries. I love the mission and I am having such fun. When the work is hard I just remember that I am giving it my all and am being obedient and working hard, so why not be happy while doing it. Yeah here in Mexico we baptize and that means that it always seems that we are comparing how many baptisms and how others are doing, but in the end I am happy with what the Lord is doing through me. 

I still love love love Alma 26:12. I think it will be my favorite scripture forever because when I look around and think I can't do this anymore my legs hurt and my Spanish is not amazing and people are not flocking to the church, I know that God will work through me in his time. 

We had a little fun playing basketball today and I ate Burger King haha. 

Love you!
Elder Bigelow