Tuesday, December 29, 2015

November 23, 2015

Hey just a heads up that I will not be writing Monday because I will be in Xalapa. I will write for real on Tuesday in the afternoon.

Love you!
Elder Bigelow

So, I didn't get to write yesterday either hahaha but I am alive and happy and fine. So please do not call president haha. 

I went to Xalapa this weekend to get my third kid in the mission haha. It has been a blast training and I really have learned like a ton of things from training. It has been quite a trial by fire type of learning. It has been really hard, if I am going to be really honest with you, but in the end I am really happy. I am staying in Santiago de la Peña so I will be spending my birthday and Christmas here with my new son.

My kid is named Elder Flores. He is a giant to be honest haha, just a huge kid. Like at least 6´4 and just thick. Way bigger than me to be honest! I will send photos from my camera tonight when I get home. He is from Monterrey and is seriously the coolest kid ever. To be honest he seems to be just an amazing missionary already from what we have done in these few short days and has a huge testimony. I am super excited about this change because I know we are going to baptize a ton. He also speaks really, really good English so it will be fun to practice that before I have to talk to you guys in English. Super excited to talk to Dad in spanish though so woo! 

I also got to go to Cerro Azul again yesterday because I had to teach the area to an elder named Elder Koller. He got put in that area with his new kid without knowing the area, it is called a white wash. So we abandoned our kids for a day and went to Cerro to show him the house and the most important things about the area. It was fun and he is such a cool Elder and to be honest a really, really good friend.

Well I am sorry that it is going to be pretty short this week because we do not have like any time to write. I am off to work ya hahaha. 

3 KIDSSSS!!!!!!
Elder Bigelow