Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 25, 2015

Yeah this week was super awesome! 

So we had a pretty good day of work and everything and then had 2 baptisms! Woo for baptisms! It was I and E that I have been teaching for basically this entire transfer and so its good to see them progress and get in the water!

Then we had our mission conference yesterday with Elder Christofferson! Woo! Super awesome and I got to hangout with Elder Bravo and Elder Dahl and Elder Soto again. We were all just talking in Spanish because we are all progressing like super fast lol! But it was a super long day because literally we had like a 16 hour bus ride lol 8 hours there 8 hours back! But super awesome and we had some fun mission approved sleepovers because of the bus situation with Cerro Azule lol. 

I met Maddie Christenson who is from our stake! She got to the mission the transfer after me! So that was pretty cool to talk to her about home and about everything lol. There are like a ton of missionaries here from AZ so it will be way fun to go back and talk to them all after the mission is over! 

I miss you guys so much and I will try to do something for Landen's Eagle Court of Honor, but you can't expect anything from me because honestly I am crazy busy. We walk just everywhere and because my area is huge we lose a ton of time walking. I just don't have the time. Sorry, but I have work to do. 

Love you guys so much!
Elder Bigelow

Papa and Elder Dahl and other Elder Bravo (el Papa de Elder Dahl)

Hermana Christenson from our Stake

Bus ride!

August 17, 2015


My week was super interesting but also really, really awesome. 

So it started with a really weird Tuesday. We went to district class and suddenly there was President! He just showed up at the church and participated in the classes. That like never happens so yeah weird. Then he said he was going to drive me and Elder Morillo back to Cerro Azule (that's like 2 hours). So, then he drove us back and spent the day with us, like in our lunch appointment and he went to our lessons and drove us around everywhere. We basically had divisions with the president lol. Super weird but awesome because he said some cool things about us and helped us with some cool ideas. 

Then the next few days were really hot and we were trying to find new investigators but we never found anyone really cool. But luckily I and E are going to get baptized this next Sunday at 3! Woo for baptisms lol.  So excited for them because they really changed and have progressed and love the church, I think. 

Also, I almost fell in the Aguas Negras. Which is like all the really nasty rivers that are here in Mexico. We were crossing the river on this crazy bridge pole thing and my comp was like hey faster! And I said no because I don't want to fall. That second I slipped and fell flat on my back on the side of the river and almost went headfirst into the water lol. Super hilarious and really funny! I am alive and fine though so don't worry Mommy lol.

I just really don't feel homesick idk lol I mean I do miss everyone and every now and then I really just want to lay on our couch and relax with the family but I am honestly loving it here. This tranfer for me has been flying flying by. We are 4 weeks in and I feel like Elder Morillo just got here. 

I love it here in Mexico!

Elder Bigelow

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015

I honestly feel like I have been out for maybe a month. Time is honestly flying and I don't know how? I feel super comfortable with just everything, not like comfortable to where I am not trying to
learn. Just that I can do everything necessary to be a missionary. I am really grateful to my papá in the mission because he taught me a ton. I am really excited to keep progressing and working and

My week was super awesome, we had our first divisions of the mission and I went with a gringo named Elder Moulton to Tuxpan. We messed around, but also worked. It was a nice break from the normal pace of the same area all the time. Not being in the same area for a day was refreshing and it was cool to meet and teach a few of their investigators. It was pretty bad for my Spanish though because we talked in English the whole day and so when we got to lessons it was hard to switch and talk again in spanish. We ate pizza at night and it was fun.

My investigators are super chill. There are I and E which are 2 brothers that are really cool. They are progressing and going to church and really liking it. I, who is kinda like me, said the other day that he wants to get baptized, but just wants a little more time to get prepared. I think I will be able to baptize him the 23rd! N, a sweet old lady, was such a surprise because she really couldn't read and didn't want to go to church so we thought she wasn't going to progress. But suddenly she showed up and now is really liking the support and love the church brings. She feels the spirit really, really strong in her life.

Other news is that we have a mission wide conference the 23rd of Agosto with Elder Christofferson. That should be super cool to hear from an Apostle and everything. I will also be able to see and talk to all my comps from the CCM, Elder Bravo and also the girl from our stake that got to the mission this transfer! Super pumped for that.

Everything is going really well for me and I feel really good.

Love you,
Elder Bigelow

Elder Moulton and Me

A beautiful sunset

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

This week has been pretty crazy but normal so I don't know. We are teaching a ton of investigators because we focused so much on finding these past two weeks. The only thing is that our area is so big a lot of the time is spent ineffectively because we have appointments like an hour walking distance from each other. There really isn't a lot of taxis so we end up just losing a ton of time walking back and forth. We try to plan smart but it is hard because we can't force appointments with investigators. So, we go when they can meet us. Thus we lose a lot of time which means a lot of missed lessons which is making me feel like we are letting people slip through our fingers. We just can't do it all by ourselves. It was so much better with 4 missionaries in Cerro but we are making do.

Elder Morillo is super cool and we are getting along really well. I just seem to get along with everyone so woo. We took a mini vacation today to Tuxpan where all the other missionaries are in our zone. We ate pizza with a couple and just had a relaxing day of messing around with them. We are in a mall in Tuxpan and right after this we are going to go back to Cerro for a family home evening with like 4 investigators and everything. Pretty exciting.

Tomorrow I am going to have my first divisions with a new elder so it will be a couple of newbies in Cerro for a day lol. I feel really confident about being the leader and just teaching without his help, if
necessary. I really don't feel like I am even in my training anymore because I learned so much from Elder Bravo and through the help of the Lord. I am progressing crazy rapido.

I am loving the mission and I miss you guys so much! Love you!
Elder Bigelow

Just me!

 A really cool mirror in my area!