Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 25, 2015

Yeah this week was super awesome! 

So we had a pretty good day of work and everything and then had 2 baptisms! Woo for baptisms! It was I and E that I have been teaching for basically this entire transfer and so its good to see them progress and get in the water!

Then we had our mission conference yesterday with Elder Christofferson! Woo! Super awesome and I got to hangout with Elder Bravo and Elder Dahl and Elder Soto again. We were all just talking in Spanish because we are all progressing like super fast lol! But it was a super long day because literally we had like a 16 hour bus ride lol 8 hours there 8 hours back! But super awesome and we had some fun mission approved sleepovers because of the bus situation with Cerro Azule lol. 

I met Maddie Christenson who is from our stake! She got to the mission the transfer after me! So that was pretty cool to talk to her about home and about everything lol. There are like a ton of missionaries here from AZ so it will be way fun to go back and talk to them all after the mission is over! 

I miss you guys so much and I will try to do something for Landen's Eagle Court of Honor, but you can't expect anything from me because honestly I am crazy busy. We walk just everywhere and because my area is huge we lose a ton of time walking. I just don't have the time. Sorry, but I have work to do. 

Love you guys so much!
Elder Bigelow

Papa and Elder Dahl and other Elder Bravo (el Papa de Elder Dahl)

Hermana Christenson from our Stake

Bus ride!