Saturday, September 19, 2015

August 31, 2015

My week was pretty great! Me and Elder Morillo had another awesome baptism of a cute old lady who always gave us the greatest water or juice lol. Her baptism was really an amazing experience because I could feel the change as she came out of the water. She just stood there for like a minute before she even dared move. I feel blessed to have gotten to teach her and then baptize her before I left Cerro.

Cambios came in last night and I am a little freaked out about what the President has trusted me with. I am going to stay in the Zona Tuxpan (woo para calor) but I am going to a sweet little island area on the other side of this huge river. The biggest news though is that I am going to be a Momma! I am going to finish the training of an Elder named Elder Chiñas who literally just came the transfer after me. I am mayor and a trainer the transfer after my training ends. Pretty freaked out but also really, really excited to see how this goes and to prove that I can do these hard things through the help of the Lord. Together me and Elder Chiñas have 6 months in the mission lol. But my district is going to be so sweet. Elder Soto my comp in the CCM is coming to Tuxpan to be the comp of my district leader Elder Wadman, and my old Zone leader, Elder Mesa, is coming to be killed by another Elder Apaza. I will have a ton of support from my zone leaders and I hope from my district leader.

Other than that is has just been pretty crazy running around and packing everything up. I left Cerro last night and am in Tuxpan with another Elder and his comp. We went and ate at a buffet this morning and it was super delicious and I am still full. We have just been kind of hanging out and doing small things. I had a lot of fun these past few transfers with Elder Bravo y Elder Morillo. Just have to conquer the next few trials.

Elder Bigelow

This picture is from our primary lol. They sent me like a packet of drawings and that was my favorite because it was just so funny. Practically all of them sent me in a sombrero or something like that and all the Mexicans were laughing so hard.