Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 7, 2015

Do you have a primary program in Mexico? I don't think we have a primary program because we really just don't have the kids. Right now in Santiago, I am in a branch and it is really small, like 30 people. There are a ton of less actives but I guess they don't want to have anything to do with the church.

My week has been pretty good, a little stressful because suddenly I went from being the kid and just kinda following my comp around and cracking jokes, to being the one making all the decisions. Like we were in a lesson and I was like man we have been talking to them for a while about nothing lol, when are we going to leave. Then I remembered that it was my decision lol. But we have been doing good work here. One of our zone leaders was the old assistant to the pres and he kinda came and got mad at us because our zone is not baptizing like it used to. So we have a goal of 20 baptisms this month. I won't be able to add any to that number because my area was really dead. When I came we had no investigators. We found one youth my age that went to church named Eduardo, but if all goes well he can't be baptized until the 4th of October (investigators need to go to church 5 times to be baptized). But we have some great plans this next week to hit up a few families that seem really cool. Hopefully we will be able to teach a family because I have yet to teach a complete one. 

Everyone is always so surprised at my Spanish when I tell them how much time I have in the mission. They always ask if I spoke it before the mission! Makes me proud but most of all its just awesome that I have the support of the Lord and the gift of tongues, because I know that I can't be doing this without him. 

It is crazy how much I have learned about the gospel in such a short time. I finished Jesus the Christ and am currently (trying) to read the Book of Mormon completely in spanish. It is really hard and takes me at least 30 min to finish a chapter because I have to use all my spanish skills to understand. 

I am really loving the mission though so dont worry about me, just that it is weird to get used to a new area lol. Love you.

Elder Bigelow