Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 10, 2017

Well i can offically count the days i have left on two hands and its
kind of freaking me out! Its so unreal!

Jaja that's pretty great and very dad like to have him just have this face of ??? (Saul spoke in church today with a recently returned Sister missionary. She played a trick on him and got him pretty good. For a second, Saul thought he was going to have to speak for over 30 minutes.)
I just remember when he ate a huge spoonful of mayonnaise on that cruise. jajaja Super dad-like. jajajaja

I am really bored with writing all the time but we had a good week. We are just working with all of our investigators that have feches (dates) for the 22nd or 29th. My comp is excited to have like 9 people progressing! Woo!

Just working hard and excited mostly. jajaja I LOVE my topic by the way. I will have to prepare something awesome but humble to show my progress as a missionary! jajajajaja Return home talks are weird.

Miss you guys tons!
Elder Bigelow

April 3, 2017

Huh, I didn't even realize Justin is mission aged.... that means....LANDEN is almost mission aged! What the heck has happened while I have been gone!? That's super cool though, Columbia is a place that is blowing up right
now in the gospel because the government is controlling the drugs more so that's cool!

I am loving the mission right now. There were soooo many cool experiences this week but I have soooo much flojera (weakness) to write them all down. We found ten new people in a pueblo all at once and just were crazy teaching all of them at once. We also had a few cool investigators go to church. That was super awesome and they will be baptized next change which is exciting!

Loved conference it was a spiritual upbeat that was needed because I almost feel numb to always feeling the spirit. I feel it as a missionary and feeling like a learner and thinking of home was really fun.

Fun fact - I tried Nair yesterday in a pijamada (sleep over) that we had. Didn't know what it was but we put it on one of my armpits. I give it a 0/10. It removed 0 hair, smelled like old junk mixed with burnt hair oils, made my skin super dry and itchy, burnt me pretty awful and seriously my armpits still kind of tingle after 2 showers.... I called the hermana in our district because I was worried. jajajaja It is fine I guess.

Other than that just ya know keepin on keepin on!
Elder Bigelow!

March 27, 2017

Yeah, I also am like just super tired of writing to be completely honest. jajajaja Not enough crazy stuff happens in the middle of nowhere to tell a good story every week.
Kuntzy is STILL our home teacher? I don't think they are ever going to change him. jajajaja

My converts are doing really good here in Vega, a couple of them even went to the temple to do baptisms and its pretty awesome! We are also working with a bunch of different people right now. It is funny because the spirit works so weird with me to find people. Like I might be junior companion but I still feel like I call the shots and God sends me to places that I have no idea why and then suddenly we find new people to teach. Like on Saturday we didn't have much to do for like an hour. So, we went around to contact some people by the highway in the shops. I just happened to look in on some cool leather work things they had and the owner told me she wanted us to talk to her daughter and we taught a lesson with her right there in the store and she went
to church yesterday.

So yeah, I just keeping working and buying cool stuff for you guys. Don't think I will be able to buy everything that I really want to for everyone.

General Conference weekend is always amazing and I will be looking for some personal revelation for after my mission!

Miss you guys lots!
Elder Bigelow

March 20, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 13, 2017

I CANNOT wait to go to the temple! I feel like I just started to understand it when I left and then nothing for 2 years. jajaja It hurts!

My week was good, I have a companion who is motivated and awesome and really wants to work. So, I have shown him the entire area and am in the process of really helping him find out how to be a Senior companion. Just going with all my old investigators and also finding new ones!

I also on Saturday night was in Martinez with my Zone Leaders and guess what!? After 23 months of being in the jungle, I fed a monkey!!!!! It was awesome. jajajaja Her name is Micah and was really nice to us and ate all our candies. jajajaja

We had stake conference and that was good. The 70 that came from Sonora was super funny and talked about the importance of the priesthood. He actually challenged my convert of only 3 weeks to prepare for the
priesthood of Melchizedek. jajajaja It was funny but super cool because my convert, Ruben, was super impressed!

5 weeks fam and then we can just hang out again and be a family <3 I'm excited but I know there still are things I need to finish here!
Elder Bigelow

March 6, 2017

February 27, 2017

February 20, 2017

That blows my mind honestly that Braden is at the age and a bit more than when we moved into this ward. :) That is so cool.

Yeah, I actually talked to my buddy in the offices and he will be sending exact flight plans this week but I almost know everything because well "sources". I will be back if I'm not wrong the 19th of April at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. But you will be getting that this week, I think so yeah don't worry.

I had like the funniest week ever btw. So first off we have 2 baptisms. I want to tell you a bit about them because they are really interesting. They are named Ruben and George. They contacted us in the street about 5 weeks ago wondering why our church is never open jaja. Ruben is about 55ish and is a really interesting guy. He doesn't have work and is pretty bad economically but is a mason and also a lawyer. jajaja He accepted the gospel like a boss and just has completed everything like a rockstar to be ready for this past Saturday. Then his friend, George, is a 76 year old crazy guy that just fell in love with how the spirit made him feel and just followed that to the waters of baptism. He makes some of the craziest comments ever when teaching and also plays about 7 different types of guitars. He takes them to every sacrament meeting and randomly will play them and just be noisy but loving. jajaja I love it!
This Saturday was their baptism and we did it in a river. Well it went ok until we all tried to get out. My comp and George fell face first in the water and mud. After helping Ruben out, I fell straight back into the water and lost my flipflops in the water and had to literally swim after them. jajajaja It was crazy!

Then after that we went to all eat chicken at a members house with everyone that went to the baptism. George brought his guitar and started playing a ton of songs and everyone was just having a great ole time laughing and playing. It was the funniest thing ever to see the members just accept this weird old man. jajaja We laughed
our heads off and then went home.

Things like that make the mission you know?

Other than I am working on little things and trying to plan my future..... weird
Elder Bigelow!