Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 3, 2017

Huh, I didn't even realize Justin is mission aged.... that means....LANDEN is almost mission aged! What the heck has happened while I have been gone!? That's super cool though, Columbia is a place that is blowing up right
now in the gospel because the government is controlling the drugs more so that's cool!

I am loving the mission right now. There were soooo many cool experiences this week but I have soooo much flojera (weakness) to write them all down. We found ten new people in a pueblo all at once and just were crazy teaching all of them at once. We also had a few cool investigators go to church. That was super awesome and they will be baptized next change which is exciting!

Loved conference it was a spiritual upbeat that was needed because I almost feel numb to always feeling the spirit. I feel it as a missionary and feeling like a learner and thinking of home was really fun.

Fun fact - I tried Nair yesterday in a pijamada (sleep over) that we had. Didn't know what it was but we put it on one of my armpits. I give it a 0/10. It removed 0 hair, smelled like old junk mixed with burnt hair oils, made my skin super dry and itchy, burnt me pretty awful and seriously my armpits still kind of tingle after 2 showers.... I called the hermana in our district because I was worried. jajajaja It is fine I guess.

Other than that just ya know keepin on keepin on!
Elder Bigelow!