Sunday, April 16, 2017

March 27, 2017

Yeah, I also am like just super tired of writing to be completely honest. jajajaja Not enough crazy stuff happens in the middle of nowhere to tell a good story every week.
Kuntzy is STILL our home teacher? I don't think they are ever going to change him. jajajaja

My converts are doing really good here in Vega, a couple of them even went to the temple to do baptisms and its pretty awesome! We are also working with a bunch of different people right now. It is funny because the spirit works so weird with me to find people. Like I might be junior companion but I still feel like I call the shots and God sends me to places that I have no idea why and then suddenly we find new people to teach. Like on Saturday we didn't have much to do for like an hour. So, we went around to contact some people by the highway in the shops. I just happened to look in on some cool leather work things they had and the owner told me she wanted us to talk to her daughter and we taught a lesson with her right there in the store and she went
to church yesterday.

So yeah, I just keeping working and buying cool stuff for you guys. Don't think I will be able to buy everything that I really want to for everyone.

General Conference weekend is always amazing and I will be looking for some personal revelation for after my mission!

Miss you guys lots!
Elder Bigelow