Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 10, 2017

Well i can offically count the days i have left on two hands and its
kind of freaking me out! Its so unreal!

Jaja that's pretty great and very dad like to have him just have this face of ??? (Saul spoke in church today with a recently returned Sister missionary. She played a trick on him and got him pretty good. For a second, Saul thought he was going to have to speak for over 30 minutes.)
I just remember when he ate a huge spoonful of mayonnaise on that cruise. jajaja Super dad-like. jajajaja

I am really bored with writing all the time but we had a good week. We are just working with all of our investigators that have feches (dates) for the 22nd or 29th. My comp is excited to have like 9 people progressing! Woo!

Just working hard and excited mostly. jajaja I LOVE my topic by the way. I will have to prepare something awesome but humble to show my progress as a missionary! jajajajaja Return home talks are weird.

Miss you guys tons!
Elder Bigelow