Wednesday, March 15, 2017

February 20, 2017

That blows my mind honestly that Braden is at the age and a bit more than when we moved into this ward. :) That is so cool.

Yeah, I actually talked to my buddy in the offices and he will be sending exact flight plans this week but I almost know everything because well "sources". I will be back if I'm not wrong the 19th of April at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. But you will be getting that this week, I think so yeah don't worry.

I had like the funniest week ever btw. So first off we have 2 baptisms. I want to tell you a bit about them because they are really interesting. They are named Ruben and George. They contacted us in the street about 5 weeks ago wondering why our church is never open jaja. Ruben is about 55ish and is a really interesting guy. He doesn't have work and is pretty bad economically but is a mason and also a lawyer. jajaja He accepted the gospel like a boss and just has completed everything like a rockstar to be ready for this past Saturday. Then his friend, George, is a 76 year old crazy guy that just fell in love with how the spirit made him feel and just followed that to the waters of baptism. He makes some of the craziest comments ever when teaching and also plays about 7 different types of guitars. He takes them to every sacrament meeting and randomly will play them and just be noisy but loving. jajaja I love it!
This Saturday was their baptism and we did it in a river. Well it went ok until we all tried to get out. My comp and George fell face first in the water and mud. After helping Ruben out, I fell straight back into the water and lost my flipflops in the water and had to literally swim after them. jajajaja It was crazy!

Then after that we went to all eat chicken at a members house with everyone that went to the baptism. George brought his guitar and started playing a ton of songs and everyone was just having a great ole time laughing and playing. It was the funniest thing ever to see the members just accept this weird old man. jajaja We laughed
our heads off and then went home.

Things like that make the mission you know?

Other than I am working on little things and trying to plan my future..... weird
Elder Bigelow!