Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 13, 2017

I CANNOT wait to go to the temple! I feel like I just started to understand it when I left and then nothing for 2 years. jajaja It hurts!

My week was good, I have a companion who is motivated and awesome and really wants to work. So, I have shown him the entire area and am in the process of really helping him find out how to be a Senior companion. Just going with all my old investigators and also finding new ones!

I also on Saturday night was in Martinez with my Zone Leaders and guess what!? After 23 months of being in the jungle, I fed a monkey!!!!! It was awesome. jajajaja Her name is Micah and was really nice to us and ate all our candies. jajajaja

We had stake conference and that was good. The 70 that came from Sonora was super funny and talked about the importance of the priesthood. He actually challenged my convert of only 3 weeks to prepare for the
priesthood of Melchizedek. jajajaja It was funny but super cool because my convert, Ruben, was super impressed!

5 weeks fam and then we can just hang out again and be a family <3 I'm excited but I know there still are things I need to finish here!
Elder Bigelow