Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015

I honestly feel like I have been out for maybe a month. Time is honestly flying and I don't know how? I feel super comfortable with just everything, not like comfortable to where I am not trying to
learn. Just that I can do everything necessary to be a missionary. I am really grateful to my papá in the mission because he taught me a ton. I am really excited to keep progressing and working and

My week was super awesome, we had our first divisions of the mission and I went with a gringo named Elder Moulton to Tuxpan. We messed around, but also worked. It was a nice break from the normal pace of the same area all the time. Not being in the same area for a day was refreshing and it was cool to meet and teach a few of their investigators. It was pretty bad for my Spanish though because we talked in English the whole day and so when we got to lessons it was hard to switch and talk again in spanish. We ate pizza at night and it was fun.

My investigators are super chill. There are I and E which are 2 brothers that are really cool. They are progressing and going to church and really liking it. I, who is kinda like me, said the other day that he wants to get baptized, but just wants a little more time to get prepared. I think I will be able to baptize him the 23rd! N, a sweet old lady, was such a surprise because she really couldn't read and didn't want to go to church so we thought she wasn't going to progress. But suddenly she showed up and now is really liking the support and love the church brings. She feels the spirit really, really strong in her life.

Other news is that we have a mission wide conference the 23rd of Agosto with Elder Christofferson. That should be super cool to hear from an Apostle and everything. I will also be able to see and talk to all my comps from the CCM, Elder Bravo and also the girl from our stake that got to the mission this transfer! Super pumped for that.

Everything is going really well for me and I feel really good.

Love you,
Elder Bigelow

Elder Moulton and Me

A beautiful sunset