Thursday, December 10, 2015

November 2, 2015

My week was pretty calm to be honest. With vacations from school, we really did not have much work. They not only celebrate Halloween here but they have dia de muertos and some other day so it is like 4 days in a row. So with people leaving all weekend and all the parties it was a pretty calm week for work. My kid is doing well though and we are getting along really, really well. I have been super lucky to have companions so far that I get along with because I couldn't imagine having a comp that doesn't want to work or that I just don't get along with. I sure hope not because I usually get along with everyone haha. 

We did have a pretty awesome week in terms of our investigators though. R and J, a mom and kid, are progressing really awesome and we are hoping to baptize them the 15 and 22 of November. She is pregnant and the baby is due like really soon so we want to get her in the font before that happens. It seems like the gospel is helping her a ton with her personal life because she has had a hard time with relationships and right now she is alone with 1 kid and another baby. Seems the truth is really helping her secure her rock and find what is really important. We also found a new investigator that went to church with us and seemed really cool. He has had a few problems with marriage and never really has had religion in his life ,but wants to discover more. I think he really liked the church and we will be following up with him.

It was a cool Pday because my comp is from Mexico City and so his mom can send stuff like no other easily. She sent him her Sam`s card and so we went to Sam`s and bought so much more food with our monthly allowance than we ever can shopping in the city hahaha. It was sweet and reminded me of all those trips to Costco hahah. We also went shopping because I decided that I needed some shoes and I ended up buying some super sweet comfy shoes but they are not great for walking hahahaha. I have a problem. So don't freak out if someone used my card finally because it was me!

I can't believe I already have 6 months to be honest. This transfer is almost over already and I barely started with my comp. I am kinda scared that I won't have enough time in the mission to do all the work that I can. It is so different than before when I was all worried about 2 years and now I am worried that I only have 18 months. I LOVE Mexico haha! It is such an interesting place and the people are all so crazy, yeah it is different and yeah I miss my home, but like you said I feel right at home here and I know that this is the place I should be. I am so happy that I am learning Spanish though because I am excited to have that connection with Dad and with my cousins.

For mail, the only thing I have heard is use the US Postal Service normal but for protection you can print something of the Virgin of Guadalupe and stick it to the outside because they will respect it for some reason and won't open it hahaha that is the only thing I have heard.

A member asked me if I miss you guys, and it was funny because I do so much. It's not that I am homesick because honestly I have never had that problem, but I really miss the memories and the craziness we had. I love my family and it is the best family in the world. 

But it is still weird that Holden is getting married....

Elder Bigelow