Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 5, 2015

My Mom's favorite talk of conference was the one about Mothers. Yeah all the missionaries were sitting there thinking about how our moms are probably balling their eyes out hahaha. This conference was super special to me and it was really interesting how much there was about women and marriage and moms. Like a ton. It was so amazing and probably the first time in my life where I actually wanted to watch it. I mean I was always like woo conference but never like WWWWOOOO Conference haha. But I learned a ton. I learned a lot about myself and what it means to be a leader here in the mission and also a missionary in general. I learned better ways to teach and better ways to help those become converted to the gospel and dispel their petty concerns about the church. I learned a ton about the importance of women and how that is going to matter for me in 2 years hahaha.

We also went to Xalapa on Tuesday for a meeting with all the trainers and their kids. If I have yet to tell you, I am finishing the training of Elder Chiñas so we went to Xalapa! haha It was like a crazy short work week. Like we went there all day Tuesday, woo 14 hours in a bus hahaha. I learned a ton though and really calmed my nerves about being a señor and training so early and how the heck am I qualified to do this. Then we worked like normal for 3 days and then conference!

All in all I have been just amazing to tell you the truth. I almost have 6 months in the mission and that is absolutely crazy because I don't feel like that at all. This change was the fastest thing of my life. It is weird being a trainer and being oh so responsible for my area and real peoples lives. It is so different from anything I have done in my life. Like literally all I did before was sell chemicals to people with pools. Now I am helping people progress to eternal happiness. Like this means much more than any video game or college class I could be doing right now. That stuff will come but this is where I am supposed to be right now and I know that.

I pray for you guys like every single night and that is what means the most to me is that you guys are fine.

We also went to Liverpool again and ate food to say goodbye to the 2 leaving our zone. Elder Martinez and Elder Meza. They are good friends of mine and I have learned a lot from both of them. It was fun and good food so woo!

Elder Bigelow