Sunday, October 11, 2015

September 28, 2015

Well this was not the best week of my life haha. We worked really hard but there was a couple of days where literally no one was there. To tell you the truth, I felt like a real failure because this is the first transfer that I am the mayor and it hasn't been going super well. We have investigators and everything but it just doesn't seem like we are doing what is necessary because otra vez (again) no one went to church. But I was reading in PMG and it said that when we let ourselves get disseminated and worry, we impede ourselves from hearing the promptings of the Spirit. So I cheered myself up and we are going to keep working! 

In the end I don't have to worry about if i am going to be a leader or if I am going to serve as minor my entire mission. I don't really care what other missionaries think about me, as long as I am good with the Lord and I am trying as hard as I possible can to work then I should be happy. I can't control the decisions of my investigators, I can just invite and help. So that's what I am going to continue to do. 

I am working on adjusting my teaching more to teach people not lessons because I feel like I am stuck in a groove and am not teaching exactly to what my investigators need. I am going to plan better with my companion and I am going to follow the spirit more.

Today has been a really relaxed p day because the money comes tomorrow or the next day haha. So, we have nothing to do anything crazy fun with. But also cambios (changes) are in like 2 weeks which is crazy because I just started this transfer with Elder Chiñas and now it is already ending.

Also I have a surprise trip to Xalapa!  hahaha because I am training there is a capaticion for new missionaries so I get to go to Xalapa tomorrow with Elder Chiñas and learn some more from Pres. and the other trainers and elders. I am excited haha.

It is like the hardest thing in the world to fast to be honest because we fast without water, and I neeeeeddddd water! But I am super excited for this weekend because it is general conference and it will be different than all the other general conferences. To be honest I always had a pretty bad attitude about churchy stuff because I felt I know most of the stories. Even up to the end of studying my scriptures before my mission, I mean I did it but never really applied it. Now I am loving learning because it is the type of learning I love. That I can apply these things in my life and so much of the parts of the gospel and things in the temple make so much more sense hahaha.

I love you guys!
Elder Bigelow

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