Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

The same old things sound pretty great. I hope things stay busy and fun for you guys.  

Well my week has been pretty good but really a terrible ending to the weekend!

We had a great week preaching and everything seemed to be going to plan to be honest. Teaching and finding and really working hard to open this area well. We have been finding people it seems in like every corner and the members seem really, really excited to help us work and to get going. My comp is making me a little trunky with all the talk of home but other than that I am doing great jaja

Then we got to Sunday...we had stake conference and they were going to transmit it to where I am because we are kind of far away. The transmission never ever got here. We literally sat waiting at a dark computer screen for like 40 min until they just said that there is no signal and those that wanted to travel to the city could but if not well to bad jaja. So that was terrible to be honest. 

Other than that things seem to be progressing normal, time is flying by faster and faster every change. We are in the 3rd week of this change and I am not even sure what happened. This change is 7 weeks though so March is going to pass by like nothing at all. 

I have been meaning to send something, but to be honest with everything it has been super crazy. I never have time to rest. I think now that I am in Pápantla, I will be able to find a good way to send something. But I cannot really send anything cool because it does get stolen. Make sure when you send packages that you plaster the Virgin and the logo of the church on it hahaha. They think its like Book of Mormon's or something and don't open it and with the virgin they won't mess with it usually. 

Love you so much!
Elder Bigelow