Monday, February 1, 2016

January 18, 2016

Sounds super fun! It is kind of strange that you cannot give me an update of Holden because he like doesn't live there anymore.... weird.

First of all I got your package this week! It had like a month and a half sitting in the offices so woo... oh well hahah late christmas. Freaking loved everything you sent me! The Bionicle hahaha that is like the greatest thing ever. In your next package, you should totally send something from lego star wars, hopefully from the new movie if possible. They are fun to mess around with at night haha. The best candy ever! 

So this was pretty bomb to be honest! We worked like freaking hard. Like we went to town and just worked so hard in like every second. It finally felt so good because with Christmas everything felt so slow and lame, but finally we had such a good week. Found a bunch of news and made some sweet progress in the obra del seƱor (the Lord's work).

We finished the week super awesome with a baptism. It is a really cool baptism because it was the husband of a little old lady that I baptized about 5 months ago. Finally completed the family. I guess those are the cool little things that can happen when you stay in the same area for like 6 months. I also got in a fight of words and doctrine with a Jehovah's Witness pastor hahaha. It was way fun to be honest because we like burned him hard! 

Other than that we just kinda worked and had fun messing around. Yesterday was more or less a relaxed day but this week is going to be crazy because we have interviews with Pres. and those always scare me to death hahaha. I always feel like he is just going to planch me... and we have a Worldwide Conference of Missionaries on Wednesday with a few Apostles so that should be so bomb. 

I am doing so good! We are really focused right now and trying so hard!
Elder Bigelow

Also in your next package i want more flower ties. And a tie with pineapples on it. And socks with pineapples. And more cool funny socks.