Monday, February 1, 2016

January 4, 2016

We had a good week to be honest, yeah things are a little slow but we are doing fine. We actually just got our transfers yesterday and I am a bit disappointed about them but still happy haha. I am staying in Tuxpan again with my hijo (son) still, which is good because I have a ton of fun with him and I like the area. However, I was kind of looking forward to seeing another city in the mission. I have been here in Tuxpan for 8 months now and it looks like I will be sitting at 10 before I leave here, who knows maybe I will complete my year here. 

The work is good though. We have a few progressing investigators and are working with a few members to reactivate them. It has been fun to be with some members during Christmas and New Years and this week we also have another fiesta de el dia de reyes (or day of the Kings/Wiseman). They make some kind of bread or something and party and eat the special bread. Cool I guess. Thought it was interesting to see that they had a day special for the wiseman too. 

Today we went to the buffet again and ate. It was pretty expensive with the time of year and everything but oh so worth it haha. There is a member in my branch named Hermana S, she and her family are just like the coolest people ever and always help us so much with food and washing and just about everything else. She was kind of really sad this past week because she was for sure that I was going to leave, she like loves me to death and is like a 3rd grandma haha. When we got the changes that I was staying another change, she about had a party haha. 

Also my dad will be coming to our zone as our new zone leader so it will be fun to see him again and show him about 8 months of working and learning and everything. Bet it will be so freakin different for him haha.

Should be a fun change, just it got like super super cold here. Like it was sitting at I think 30 yesterday. Kind of crazy to be honest. I have been gifted a few sweaters and stuff to keep the poor Arizona boy from freezing. Everyone says that I am like the biggest nena or girl, when it comes to the cold here haha. And it is oh so true! I am dying a bit, but when we get moving and working it fades fast. 

I will keep you and gma in my prayers for sure. Hope everything turns out fine. 
Elder Bigelow

Hopefully I will get your package in the next week or so!