Monday, February 29, 2016

February 15, 2016

I am finally getting transferred! I am going to open an area in Agua Dulce! It is a little farm town out in the middle of nowhere so that should be super, super fun. This area has not had missionaries in like 2 years so we should be getting a lot of support from the members. I am so freaking excited to be honest. We should be kicking some butt and having lots of success, I hope. From what I heard there are a lot of members that are returned missionaries and should be kick butt in helping out. 

Nothing too excited happened. Well, except for this sweet baptism! E is such a bomb convert, I am so happy to have seen him progress, find his testimony, and be baptized. To be honest it was one of the greatest days of my mission to see him get to that point. 

I am leaving this area after a long time and I feel really content with my work here. I have a feeling that I was supposed to be here for a reason. I love the members here and I met people that are going to have an impact on the rest of my life. 

The mission really has helped me have a better prespective on life. I know what I want and who I am because of the trials God has put me through. I know what I need to be become and what God wants me to be. I am so happy learning about myself through who the Savior is.

Love you guys so much!

Elder Bigelow