Monday, February 1, 2016

January 11, 2016

(During church today there was a talk given that he gave his testimony saying that the Book of Mormon has been battled tested because he took it to battle with him and he never felt alone.)
I like that phrase haha battle tested. It is so true, no matter how many years and how many people try to prove that book wrong, it just cannot be done because really it is so true. Scientifically, it is a wonder and the facts around it are outstanding. But really it is from the spirit that we can really know the truth. For Christmas our president gave us a little booklet of talks and stories about the restoration. I have been loving reading it, especially when it talks about the Book of Mormon. There are some crazy facts and stories about it that have really enlightened my mind. But I have really enjoyed getting to know the book really closely. I have been reading slowly and carefully, trying to understand what each verse means to me. I would like to bear a quick testimony that I know that the book is true, because well it has been battle tested by every single fiery dart the devil has to offer but just does not burn.

This week has been pretty awesome to be honest. A little strange but exciting. We went to Xalapa on Wed and Thurs for my third meeting of the news haha. It was the same as the other 2 but always inspires me to be better and to work a little harder. Got to see some good friends and talk about how the missions are going. It is always fun and we eat super well. 

Then we finally got back to work Friday and had a good day. Sunday was my favorite day of the week, we changed our church schedule to 8 in the morning so now we finally have time to work on Sundays. We went with a member and visited inactives that live in these little pueblos outside of the city. It was really fun and I felt we did some good work. There was also a ton of sweet orange fields and that reminded me of home! I took some fun pics haha. 

I feel way more energized after the holiday season to really get to work and do what the mission promises we can do, baptize every single week. It is so hard and everything but I feel we can do it. I feel so good right now to be honest because we are working well together my comp and I. 

I should get your package Wednesday when the zone leaders come back from Xalapa. I tried to get it on Thursday before we left Xalapa but the office elder was not being nice and didn't want to look through them all for mine... oh well hahaha.

Miss you guys a ton, and keep being a mom because you are an awesome mom!
Love you!
Elder Bigelow