Monday, February 1, 2016

January 25, 2016

Don't worry about the whole American thing here. Here in Veracruz it is pretty touristy so there ends up being lots of American things anyway. It is kind of a funny thought because the style seems to be right now to wear American flag stuff. It is really funny because we are in Mexico jaja. 

Our week was good. Just another week of work I guess. We had a couple of cool things happen though so I guess it was a little different. 

First on Tuesday, we had out interviews with President. They always make me feel so good and pumped because he always tells me what I need to improve and how I can get better. He said that he loves me so much because I always make him laugh and he can make fun of me without having to worry about offending me haha. Made me so happy. We also talked about a couple of cool things and I got pretty pumped. I almost have 6 months in this area and like Holden said I am a little area tired. It is hard to be in the same place for like ever and feel like you have already talked to like everyone. But President pumped me up and we are continuing to work really hard. 

Then on Wednesday we had a Worldwide Missionary meeting with a few Apostles. It was cool and really gave me some good ideas to improve how I teach, how I contact and how I do these things that are the mission work jaja.

Then we had some divisions and I sent my kid to open an area with a mas o menos (more or less) new elder and he did a great job. We found some families and hit them up Saturday. Just work work work work I guess. 

I am pretty ready for the changes though. Kinda really want to leave Tuxpan if it is possible. 

Love you so much and get better!
Elder Bigelow

We found a rose :)