Monday, February 29, 2016

February 22, 2016

Well, this week was pretty bomb hahaha. We had some pretty crazy experiences to be honest. So, like I said last week we got our transfers and I got assigned to this little town called Agua Dulce. It is a little outside the city and zone of Papantla. It has been closed for almost 2 years and so this was pretty exciting. 

So, we have had some pretty awesome success. The rama (branch) has received us really well and has given us a ton of help. We have had a pretty good time finding people. Agua Dulce is like the littlest place I have ever been to though. There are not places to buy food, there are not even oxxos here which are like Circle K's but just for food and drinks. Those things are literally everywhere and they are not here haha. We are about 20 minutes outside of Papantla though so we can go there for food and such. 

The roads are not very paved and really I am chilling in a ranch town hahaha. It is pretty sweet though because I love it here a ton. I am finishing the mission of my old zone leader and former assistant, Elder Morales. We work like super well together and it is pretty nice to work with someone that knows how to work not another on of my kids that I am training. 

Saturday we went on an adventure hahaha. We got a reference to a a tiny town called Carbon. We went there in the morning from Papantla on Saturday and got there at like 9 in the morning. We taught a lesson and visited and left Carbon at like 1030. Turns out Carbon is in like the mountains jajaja. So, we were going to walk back and they showed us the way to a little town called Por Venir. It was literally hiking in the mountains to get there. We were walking on a mountain top and it was really pretty and you could see Agua Dulce in the distance. We then took a trail down the mountain for about 45 min. It was nuts and my knees were killing me. We taught another lesson in Por Venir and then walked another 30 min back to Agua Dulce. We got back at like 330 which is super late for lunch hahaha. We then worked all afternoon too. Super fun haha. But I took some cool pics hahaha

Love you and glad everything is super cool!
Elder Bigelow