Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Finally Ryan is getting married hahaha. Took him long enough! (This is his cousin.)

Yeah, I just read Taylor's email and that is bomb! What is weird is that when he enters the field I will have a year...what! That is just nuts. Just like one more transfer to go and suddenly boom! A year! (His friend just received his mission call to serve in the Chicago, Illinois Mission and reports at the end of March.)

Well not going to lie, this week was pretty hard for me. One of my baptisms that I have been working on since like October seems to be falling through and I think he is getting a little disseminated to continue. He is so cool though and I really hope that he progresses and gets baptized because his testimony is so there he just has a few doubts about a certain things, mainly Joseph Smith. He read the whole Book of Mormon though and I am not sure how he has not seen that this is true with all of his heart... We also worked so hard with trying to open up a new part of my area and not really having much success. We are trying so hard though. I guess we just keep pushing on and see what the Lord can bless us with!

I am getting just slightly bummed that I am still in this area though because I just keep seeing the same people over and over again and no one seems to want to talk to us. Like I feel a little disheartened. But transfers are in like 2 weeks so we will have to see what happens then. Everyone is pretty sure that I will be leaving and becoming a district leader. I feel I am pretty ready for that challenge so bring it on! 

My buddies in the mission are kind of convincing me to go to BYU I when I get back because it is so cheap and I have a few buddies that are going there when they get back. I will have to see what happens though.

Other than that, I forgot to bring my camera hahaha so no pics this week. I will try to send some tomorrow in district class, if I remember.

Love you so much!
Elder Bigelow