Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Um this week was rather good nothing honestly too crazy except for a couple things lol. 

So our district leader had some crazy stuff go down and we are not exactly sure what but essentially he left for Xalapa on Saturday at 10. So, now we are in a trio and my trainer is going to become the district leader of Cerro Azule which is literally the trio lol. We don't know what's going to happen after this change but right now we are trioing it up and whatever lol. Because of the trio I actually had my first baptism on Sunday and that was pretty cool! I didn't get to teach him at all but it was cool to be at the baptism. 

But onto better news my investigator accepted baptism for this coming Sunday! His name is J and he is such a boss! We taught him a lot but he never wanted to commit to a date because he wanted to learn more and more before he made his decision. But I was prompted to just straight up ask him and he accepted! And he wants me to be the one to baptize him which is super awesome too! I am so excited and will send pictures and stuff next week. 

Other than that just a ton of walking and getting used to talking to people. My Spanish is like way better and everything but I still have a hard time with some grammar tenses and stuff. I also don't know half the words I want to use and its hard for me to just memorize words, which is annoying, but I guess it has been just three weeks. Me and my trainer are getting so much better at teaching with each other and I feel we are using the spirit more as I learn more and can say more and more during lessons. It is so fun when I just kill a lesson. 

We have a lunch meeting with members everyday at 2 and that's when I really try to improve my Spanish. I just talk and talk and talk to the members even if I don't make sense. My trainer says I am a parrot lol. I copy a lot of his phrases and mannerisms when I talk and he thinks its hilarious when I say things like chale (which is like gosh or crap lol) or no manches (like I'm not kidding lol). It is fun to try and talk like a Mexican.

The Mariachi band was at a members birthday party that we stopped by for some free food. Suddenly, the most Mexican thing ever walks through the door and I freaking loved it lol. We couldn't stay long but I had a good time and free food is nice. But always have work to do so off we went. 

We had a zone activity today so we had to go to Tuxpan which is like a 2 hour drive and then a 3 hour activity and then a 2 hour drive back so I have had no time to do anything today lol. But it was fun and we played dodgeball and handball for a while. 

I am getting used to it here. The only thing is sometimes it feels like I have an eternity left and its kind of disheartening lol. But I am loving learning and talking with my companion about crazy doctrine and video games and everything else. Im getting more accustomed to the food and to the schedule. 
Elder Bigelow