Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 6, 8 and 9, 2015

June 6 - 
Hey so they let me email you guys to tell you that I am leaving to Xalapa on a bus on Monday at 4 in the morning! I am alive and well and love it here but I am so ready to be gone. Love you tons and I might be able to email you Monday but I have no clue. 

Leaving the MTC

June 8 -
Hey so I am in the mission office currently in Xalapa! I made it here and met the president. I am alive and well awaiting my trainer and other meetings and stuff but its pretty crazy here so far. From what I heard it looks like my first area is going to be in the north of the mission, pretty excited about that. Love you so much I'll write when I can. 

At President's House

June 9 - 
Hey so we had a chance to write today! 

I am currently in a small town south of my area in some tiny computer shop thing. About yesterday, we made it to the mission office in Xalapa and met the president and the ap´s. We did some visa paper work there and ate a small lunch. Then I had my interview with the mission president, and can I just say that I am so excited for the mission and his support. He seems like such a cool guy and I am so very excited. Then after that we went to his house for some training and specific mission information. It was very informative and cool. Then we ate this huge delicious dinner of sweet pork burritos and nachos with all the works. It was honestly the best Mexican food I have had! Then we got together and met our trainers and found out our areas! So my trainer is Elder Bravo and he honestly just seems like the coolest guy. We connected almost instantly even though he barely speaks any English, it has been interesting to communicate. The area that we are going to be baptizing in is called Serrazule (at least thats how i think you spell it) and legitly it is in the very, very northern part of the mission and is called la goma because its so far away. It gets pretty hot in the north and my area is probably the worst. So after eating some dessert and just chatting with the comp and the president we took off to the ap´s house and crashed there for the night.

Then this morning we left at about 9 on a bus for the 8 hour journey to our area. We are about 7 hours into that journey... It was weird because we watched movies the entire way here and there was no way to not watch them except to just sleep (which I did a lot.) So now we are in a smaller city named Tuxpan waiting for someone to arrive so that we can take off to serrazule lol its pretty crazy. 

I am so excited everyone. We teach our first investigator tomorrow and I am so ready to begin the Lord's work. My trainer will teach my a lot and my spanish will only keep getting better and better. 

Lots of love, 
Elder Bigelow

My Mission Parents

My Trainer, Elder Bravo