Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

This is a different letter. I (Mom) asked him questions and he answered them.
Umm to answer your questions.

Are you ok? Is there something that I should know about or are you just getting the exercise needed to lose weight? 
Nah honestly just walking around and not snacking i am just shedding the weight lol. We pretty much just eat one big meal a day and like a bowl of cereal in the morning. But its crazy hot here and I sweat literally just sitting so I'm bound to just melt weight off. Since I started in the CCM (MTC), I think I've lost like 40 lbs? 

How is the food?
The food is good but a bit hot, and for some reason everyone gives us food. Even when I literally say no like over and over, they just make me eat lol. The life of a missionary is just eat even if you are not hungry at all. It's exactly what I expected though so its ok. 

How about the washing? Do you have a machine or are you hand washing? 
We wash at a members house and she has a machine so its pretty nice. My clothes are never really clean though lol they never get dry, come to think of it I haven't been dry since I got here lol. 

Are you getting along with your companion? 
Yeah he is pretty cool, we have a lot in common and we are super close in age. He is actually a month younger than me but has 10 months in the mish. He likes computers and actually worked in a computer shop before his mission so we talk about that and just joke around. 

Is it just him and you in the apartment?
Yeah its just us in a house thingy. I will take some pics if i remember. It gets a bit boring sometimes just me and him but there is only one more pair of elders in Cerro Azule and we see them every now and then. One is American and its so nice to talk in English every once in awhile lol. 

But this week has been pretty good, a lot faster than last week and a bit easier. I still am tired but not as much. We are working hard and my trainer sure put me to work. I do like all the contacting and I teach a lot of the lessons even though I literally am just slaughtering the language. 

I do ok with Spanish, I can understand most of what people are trying to tell me except when they are trying to talk directly to me then my brain just kinda dies lol.

I miss my family and I love you so much!
Elder Bigelow