Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Ummm my area is called Cerro Azule. I spelled it terribly wrong last time but its a small city in the very northern tip of my mission. Its a ton of walking....My body really was not ready for how much walking we actually had to do this week. My trainer planned two really hard days right off the bat to make me suffer a bit and learn what the field is like. It was pretty brutal and my emotions were everywhere from fine I'll just do the work and get it over with to questioning my decision to serve. I hopefully will get used to the physical side of the mission soon. 

Church was interesting because literally there were like 25 people there. Their is one priest and one deacon with no young women. The bishop could care less about helping us with the work and it is solely up to us to work with the members. There is no music at all and no one can sing. But the spirit was there and I was able to bear my testimony at the request of the ward mission leader in spanish and my trainer said I didn't sound like an idiot!

My language is crazy better though like idk but its just improving rapidly. I understand most of what people say unless its a direct question to me because then my mind freaks out and doesn't want to answer. I get lost and look dumb. But I talk a lot with everyone. I teach a lot of the lessons with my comp, and I do like all the contacting. My trainer says I'm improving ridiculously fast. Like he said my spanish wasn't terrible when I started but in 6 days my spanish and my teaching ability is about the same as a missionary that has 4 months in the field. He says that if I keep working as hard as I am that I could be a senior companion or a dl after like 12 weeks! I am blown away at how quick I am learning. 

Speaking of teaching we have a lot of investigators but not really close to baptism. People don't like going to church for some reason and we have to have 5 weeks of church before we can baptize. Several of our investigators can't even read. But we spent a lot of Friday contacting and knocking doors because my trainer said that I needed practice with my language and contacting skills so I talked to a ton of people. We met a bunch of people interested and actually got 6 new investigators on Friday and Saturday.

I will tell you about a couple of them. First there is Saul (yeah I know right). He teaches math at a university and is pretty smart. He has the potential to progress really rapidly and we taught him our first lesson which included an invitation to be baptized on the 19 of July. He accepted if he found out the Book of Mormon is true. I hope he reads and receives his answers because he would be a strong addition to our small ward. Also there was a newly wed family with a baby on the way that had such a love for each other and such a love for their future family that they just absorbed the gospel. They accepted to be baptized the 19th of July too. Hopefully, they will make it to church this Sunday. They are excited to read the Book of Mormon and find out if this is the true gospel. I am so full of hope for our investigators. 

That is what lets me get up in the morning.
Elder Bigelow

Dirty and Tired after working

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