Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015

This week has been pretty crazy so I am going to write it out in two paragraphs again to sum up the spiritual and temporal things.

Spiritual: So starting Wednesday with this one because during a practice teaching I was talking about baptism with my fake investigator (who also is my teacher) and I tried to wrap it up saying that I wanted her to pray about the things I said tonight. My teacher looked me dead in the eye and said "When do you want her to be baptized?" and I said as soon as possible. He said "then when do you want her to pray?" As soon as possible. So the second I began to ask her to get down on her knees and pray about whether baptism is the right choice for her the whole atmosphere of the room changed. I felt the power of my words as I testified by the spirit that if she were to ask God right now she would receive an answer. She started to pray and began to cry during it and of course I was already balling my eyes out. We finished the prayer and looked at each other and I knew she knew. My teacher then broke character and said "That is how you teach as a missionary" I felt the spirit stronger in that fake practice than I have in a lot of my life. The CCM is incredible. We also had the privilege of hearing one of the first quorum of the 70 speak to us and the one really big thing he talked about is how to not go home with regrets. I learned a lot but what really stuck out to me is we need to see people, whether on the street or while teaching them as God sees them, with that eternal perspective. See them in white, not getting baptized but entering into the temple. It doesn't matter whether they are tatted up or holding a beer, they are our spiritual brothers and sisters and we need to see them as they will become. 

Temporal: Um this week was decent in general a lot of sports and just general awesomeness lol. The language has been going good and I have been trying to talk as much in spanish as possible considering we will be in Xalapa in about 6 days. We leave at 4:30 in the morning on a bus to Xalapa Monday morning! So excited that its already here. We had a sleep over with another zone in our district and just piled mattresses in our front room and messed around. I have been making some sweet tie trades and to be honest I have about 4 of the ties I came on the mission with! I have a ton of ties from elders in my house which is cool. We all signed them and such. Me and Elder McLaughlin have really gotten to know each other well and he is a really cool kid. My comps are awesome and our lesson teaching has become much more unified!

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