Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26, 2015

Well today was a pretty normal week for me to be honest just going to classes and being a bomb missionary. My Spanish is getting better every day and I usually don't even have to study words or phrases anymore before a lesson because I can be generally pretty confident in what I know so far. I guess we are getting another General Authority coming I think on Sunday, but I'm pretty sure its like an area 70 or something. I got pretty frustrated with this one grammar principal in Spanish called preterit vs imperfect because they are both used to describe the past but not the same past and it was very confusing for me. It bummed me out pretty hard on Monday night but my district did the Mexican tower challenge and it was nice to just be dumb for a change. We are also, starting tomorrow, having 3 investigators in a day which I am pretty excited for because I love teaching the lessons and seeing how far we have come from day one.

My house does some pretty dumb things to try and keep the stress away though, like the other night we had some flyswatter fights and just beat each other mercilessly! So fun and dumb lol. I am loving it here though and I get to have some sweet spiritual experiences every day that make me know I am supposed to be here.

My teacher said something this week that really stuck out to me: "I want you guys to go into the field and be a blessing for your trainers that you can hit the ground running and teach people right off the bat. I dont want you guys to be a burden to your trainers and have to take 6 months to be effective missionaries." He is honestly the most bomb teacher and I have learned so much. He
said that our district in general has improved more than any other he had seen and that we are well on our way to being effective in the field.

Most of the house