Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015

Well it has been a cool week but a hard one. It is pretty similar every day here but thats ok because I am learning a lot! Bednar comes this Saturday and I am really excited to meet an apostle of the Lord. I also have some kind of immigration meeting on Thursday that is going to take half of the day, but at least we get to be outside the wire lol.

But spiritually my week has been pretty great, just a ton of work and things to do but all good things in the end :). Yesterday I especially got rather down on myself because I felt my learning spanish had kinda plateaued and I was just not motivated to do anything at all. Our lesson in the morning had gone fine but for some reason I just could not focus on studying or learning or the promptings of the spirit. Luckily I remembered the devotional that we watched where Elder Bednar had taught that when the savior was down and out or having hardships in his own life he always turned outwards towards others. So I decided that as a missionary, when the going gets rough and I don't want to knock on another door that I would always turn outwards and think of others instead of myself. So I said to myself that there was work to be done and got down to it and planned a lesson with all the spiritual promptings I could muster and it turned out to be the best lesson we had as a companionship! It really strengthened my belief that its always that last door at 9:29 or that last investigator that is going to mean the difference.

I love you and miss your guys so much but it was nice to talk to you on Sunday!

My companions!

My buddy that lives in our casa - Elder Mclaughlin