Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015

Well Hola!

Today has been an amazing week! There is a lot to say so I will split it up between spiritual and temporal!

SPIRITUAL: So David A Bednar visited this week and it was just straight up ridiculous. The spirit was so strong there and I loved every second of it. I learned a ton too and the biggest thing that stuck out to me was who the teacher is. I had been worrying a lot about how I was going to be able to say the right words to be able to convert someone, to be able to testify in such a way that they had no doubt that this church was true. Elder Bednar stated in answering a question that we should get over ourselves and get out of the way. Doing this we let the true teacher teach, El Espiritu Santo. We are not the ones that are going to be able to penetrate their hearts and testify about the church. I was also worried about whether I actually was receiving spiritual promptings or not, and Bednar said something that surprised me. If it is reasonable it doesn't need revelation and that we should trust ourselves and know that when we need help God will send it! I can't even begin to tell you about the spirit in that room as he testified about the truth of the atonement and this church!

TEMPORAL: Well it has been an interesting week so far. We did some really fun things and were able to go outside the wire for a bit. We went to Immigration on Thursday to figure out some of our visa stuff and it was pretty awesome to just be in the city. We talked to some missionaries that were about 7 months out in Ciudad de Mexico East and it was cool to hear their Spanish and stories. We also bought street churros which were super yummy and it was 3 churros for 5 pesos! Then on Sunday my house had what we thought was going to be just a house tie trade. It ended up being like 7 houses in our tiny house everyone trying to one up trade ties! I did get some sweet new ones though and it was super fun to do and just joke around at the end of the night. Then today we went to the temple and that was a super cool experience and we enjoyed the visitor center and I bought some sweet scripture cases and an awesome zipper tie! We also have pet spiders in our house! We think we are gonna get babies soon!

Me with the family tie

MTC Elders

MTC Sisters

Me with Comps and Jesus at Visitors Center

at the Mexico City Temple