Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March 28, 2016

Freaking marriage hahahaha. This is a super weird time in my life that my friends are starting to get engaged and such... Don't worry you don't have to worry about that with me! 

I put in a toilet recently! Like in December so maybe not that recently but it was fun to see that all that fighting with dad and my toilet paid off hahaha. I mostly knew what I was doing and the plumbing part helped with working at my pool store! Weird how I have always been prepared for the little things here in Mexico jaja.

Easter is strangely awesome but weird in Mexico. Awesome because it is so focused on Jesus and his sacrifice and how much he has helped us and tries to really focus on that. For me that makes it way more special than you know the Easter bunny and eggs. Weird because they have crazy traditions. One is they do a thing called the cross. They take a teen or kid and like basically crucify him and have the whole shabang. He gets like beat and spit on and everything. They have people dressed as Mary and Romans and everything. They go just right through the city doing this. It is a super Catholic tradition and I thought pretty weird. 

Other than that the week weather wise was like super weird! It went from raining super hard and freezing cold to hot to cold to hot all in like 4 days. I could not figure out what to wear to bed because if I didn't put on enough I would get super cold in the night or I would put too much on and burn to death.... Made the days interesting though because we would get wet from the rain or sweat or just feel really nice in the frisk cool air. Everyday something different.

Also we found some sweet investigators finally. We have been working so hard with the members and trying to find people that are chosen. I mean we found plenty of people that want to listen but no one really has progressed this whole time. We have 3 people progressing right now that seem to be pretty chosen people that want to progress. I have high hopes to be baptizing again the middle of April!

This is week 7 of this change. Which is really weird because changes are usually 6 weeks... So it has been strange and weird to not have our changes yet and have to live another week with our comps. I have to try and survive this last week with my comp that should be going home today. He seems to be trying but really, really wants to go home and that is weighing on me a bit. 

I wrote Landen at his email so I hope he got it last week. Crazy that he is like a grown up teen age dude now. I still picture him as like this little 14 year old.... Has he changed much?

This week is your spring break right?

Love you!
Elder Bigelow