Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March 14, 2016

Oh gosh NASCAR sounds so freaking cool right now hahaha. That would be so sweet. I am glad you guys are still close with Mike.

We had a rather great week to be honest. Lots of divisions with other people. It has been cool because my kid, Elder ChiƱas, is now my district leader. It has been pretty crazy getting to know him better and to talk again. We talk a ton about our old area and the stunts we pulled and fun things we did. 

But because he does not know his area for anything we went on divisions so that my comp could show him around and I got to hang out with Elder Valdez. He is just starting his mission but is 24 and super awesome. We had a ton of fun together and had a blast working. Then 2 days later we had divisions with the zone leaders. I went with an Elder Roberts from Utah who is almost finishing his mission. He is way cool and we had lots of fun too. My zone leader, Elder Villa, is also one of my best friends in the mission we got to the mission together. We have a ton of fun messing around in zone class and such ajaja. 

Crazy that it is Holden's bday. I mean it hardly matters anymore because he is married and can't get cool toys like remote control helicopters or anything. Just like maybe spoons. How boring. But like happy bday buddy!

We were hoping to have a baptism this week but it seems to have fallen through. But I hope to have one before my comp leaves so we will continue to work. 

Miss you guys a ton!
Elder Bigelow