Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 11, 2016

Well yeah I love changes because they are pretty interesting and always revamp you to get working hard again. I mean I never stopped working I just felt that I was dragging around a bag of dead fish with my other comp because he was pretty ready to go home. hahahaha. 

But yeah I have another newbie and he is like way cool be be honest! I think he might be my favorite hijo! We have just been really working so hard these past few days and I have seen the little miracles that come from giving it your all. We had people get to church that I just didn't expect to ever progress. 

Sometimes I have to admit that I forget this is like the Lord's work and it just turns into work in general. I have to remind myself or God reminds me that this is his work and that I should be focused on him. I love the mission so much and now I have served half of it and am looking at a down hill slope that is going to go by way to fast....

I have to go back to Xalapa this week twice... today I am heading down there for consejo (advice) because we are going to do something together with the ZL and DL. So me a new DL gets to go and receive the love and food and planches from President... woo.... hahaha. Then on Wed I have to get my Visa because I have been in Mexico for almost one year and that means I am almost illegal hahahaha. 

We are happy and healthy and just doing really good!

Love you!
Elder Bigelow
 The New Companion - The New Kid

 He cooks! He made Molotes that is meat between fried masa.