Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 4, 2015

Hey I am writing really fast in between sessions because I will not be writing this Monday...

Guess why? I am going to train again hahahaha 4th kid! Woo! So I will be in Xalapa on Monday and will be returning to my area on Tuesday and try to write then. 

Elder Bigelow
I loved, loved, loved the talk that Elder Uchdorf gave in the priesthood session. Super awesome about all our callings in the priesthood and what we should be doing right now to be furthering the work of the Lord, even if we are not exactly full time missionaries. I loved it and kind of planched me a bit about what I was thinking about in my future when I get home, thinking of postponing marriage and all that funny business. I guess we will see what happens. 

We do watch conference in Spanish but they have really good translators and everything. The gringos watch it in English when possible because it really has another spirit to it in English. We cannot get planched that much by Holland in Spanish because it just is not his voice. This conference I did watch in Spanish because I was here in Agua Dulce with a few investigators and I am the only white guy hahahaha. 

So not only am I training again but also they bumped me up to a Distirct Leader too. hahaha I found that out Sunday when the transfers came in. To be honest it was a surprise and I really did not think I would get assigned to do this. I was really comfy with the whole training and being a senior companion because to be honest I was good at it and it was not very stressful. But now I have more responsibility and I have to study a little harder and work just a little better so that my district can do well. 

My district will be really awesome though! First it is my son Elder Chiñas and my grandkid that he is also training right now. Then my other kid Elder Aguilar just got moved to mayor and will be with another elder in my district. Then my brother Elder Felix will be in the other area hahaha. Plus a companionship of hermanas. It is like a Bigelow family reunion. 

My new kid is really cool! He is from Chihuahua Mexico. He is 18 and just way cool. He is going to study to make video games so we get along pretty well. I am really excited to have this next change here with Elder Alcalá to help him out. It is such a change from ending the mission of someone and beginning another one. Really got me animated again because now all we talk about is the mission and not so much of home and all that jazz. 

Super happy Elder Bigelow!
Love you guys!