Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March 21, 2016

I did not get an email from any of them? idk the email is kind of weird sometimes, i guess, i just looked in my spam and didn't get anything sooo idk. 

It kinda got hot here in Papantala but the whole weekend it has been raining and really, really cold. I am not sure what happened to the weather. I was dying in the humidity and heat and then sleeping in a hoodie below 2 blankets, all in about 2 days. 

This week was pretty average just working a ton with the members to find news. We had some good success finding people but then with the rain and cold, no one went to church. Most of the members didn't make it. Kind of stinks when a whole week of successful work ends in a bad Sunday. Those 3 hours of coming to church for us is so important because it is the only way someone can progress to be baptized. 

I am doing really good though so yay! Happy and my toe has healed so I can like walk around in shoes now and my feet do not hurt all day long. 

This transfer has been so so so fast it is crazy. Like I am not even sure what happened and suddenly we are in week 6. This transfer is 7 weeks and all but still, it is almost over and I feel like we just got here! 

I miss things Arizona that are a little crazy and redneck. Can't wait to get back and start messing around with my guns, my bow and go fishing and things that make me happy. I do not know why either but I am like way pumped to go to college. Should be fun I think. My comp has me thinking a ton about my future and what home life will be like and I hope that I can go back to normal missionary when I am done with him jaja. We work hard and all it is just that he talks so much about home and such.

It is super weird to think about this next 10 years of my life though, like you said time flies and suddenly I will have a wife and then kids and then idk what the heck to do..... strange things right?

I seriously did not take a single picture this week, to the point that I realized I didn't even take my camera with me. I usually take quite a few so I don't know what happened hahaha.

Love you guys so much!
Elder Bigelow