Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

This week was really busy and fun and crazy all at the same time! We really got down to work. Elder Morillo is a cool dude and we just get along. He is sort of quiet and speaks little to no english so I have had plenty of practice with my Spanish this week and for the next 5 lol. After transfers it just kinda feels like there is an energy to work and find new investigators! We found a few new ones and had 5 investigators at church! That is way more than we have had yet. I am excited to see how they progress. That is one thing I have been worried about is that I lack experience to help someone to progress and how to see if they are or not. I really just lack experience in everything lol. I feel like I can teach and even Elder Morillo says that I seem like a missionary with like 6 months in the mission. 

I do kinda feel like I am the senior companion though because Elder Morillo is pretty quiet and I just seem to make all the decisions on where to go and who to teach. It has been stressful making that change from literally in training to leading lol. Elder Morillo is a powerful missionary and everything but he just seems to be lacking the leadership part. He is the district leader and everything and it is his first time with that so he is stressed about these responsibilities and I can't help because I have no clue lol. 

But mostly I am doing just great and having a fun time. We are trying to apply and work with the members more and are trying to find some new investigators. I want to baptize a lot this transfer because I know that we can do it!

Its crazy that summer is almost over! How are Landen, Braden and Holden? Of course they are not writing me because thats how life is so if you could shoot me an update about them that would be super cool lol.

Love you guys so much!
Elder Bigelow

 Hayden/Elder Bigelow and Elder Morillo