Wednesday, January 4, 2017

October 10, 2016

Well I am doing good but also really tired to be honest! We started getting up at 5:45 to go to the gym in the morning again! I have been pretty sore, but I really love lifting. It is such a peaceful time for me that I do not have to think about much and it really gets all the stress out of me :)
Other than that it just rained and rained and rained jajaja. We just worked and worked and worked. We are progressing really well with that family that I told you about. We got to teach them about temples and just almost everything already and they are really excited!
Unfortunately, the rain really bummed them out and they did not make it to church on Sunday so we had to change their baptism for the 30th not the 23rd... sad. I really hope that I will be here for their baptism because I am almost sure that I am going to leave this area on the 1st of November with changes. 
We had consilio de leaderes on Tuesday and it was pretty heavy. President talked all about repentance and how we are not using it as missionaries and taught us how. I felt so terrible like I was a really bad sinner or something. Then the worst is I had to teach that to my zone the following day and it seriously felt like daggers were leaving my mouth. It hurt jajaja. Lots of missionaries talked to president to repent and almost 8 missionaries went home.... it was crazy. Me and my comp are working hard to repent of those little things and be better!
Because of the repentance and all one of the trainers had to leave, so he left us his new kid jajaja. I have 5 kids now in the mission! His name is Elder Monreal from Durango and we only had him for a couple of days but it was really fun!
Other than that we are doing good jajaja. Just working hard under the rain and I almost have 18 months!
Elder Bigelow