Wednesday, January 4, 2017

November 7, 2016

My week was good. It is kind of sad being in a goma again. Where there are dogs in our sacrament meeting and the two super old guys bless the sacrament and can't even pronounce the prayer, but they try their best. But then it has the familiar charm to it. There is a lot of work here and to be honest I must have felt and gotten your prayers because I just kept on rolling even when I just didn't want to. 

We are going to baptise 2 on the 20th and I found a family of 5 that looks like it could progress these next few weeks. I just have to work really hard with them so that they understand. That is my absolute favorite part about the mission. Just teaching! I don't like finding or contacting or walking or even studying that much anymore. Just teaching is amazing!

I am doing great, time is winding down and I am watching people that I love end the mission and go home. Maddie Xhristensen is going home this change and I don't know what I am going to do! Just keep walking, I guess.
Not much to say just another crazy goma with crazy things happening! 
Hey so what's up with the stake now? Did we keep the same president or not?

Elder Bigelow