Sunday, October 16, 2016

September 5, 2016

Well this week was kind of hectic with so many things to try to do and divisions and craziness! But we got some fun work done to be honest. The only thing is that no one made it to church this week... this is the first time I have had this happen in like 7 months and it hurts. I honestly feel sometimes that I have wasted a whole week of work because they just don't get it to go to church... But other than that it was super cool!
Tomorrow we have consilio so that means another sweet bus ride. That will bring me to 168 hours in a bus during my mission D: I love it there because it really makes me better as a missionary and helps me focus because I just focus on my missionaries. We also eat like super good food from Hermana Greer yay!

Sad Story Time: On Saturday we went walking in our area and got to this members house that is super cool to us. Well her neighbor has a dog named LaLa that seriously looks exactly like Athena. She acts exactly like Athena too. She is super loving and still a little pup. So we always play around with her a lot. We did the same thing this Saturday as usual. Well LaLa is getting braver to go farther and farther away from her house and always follows us for a good while after we see her. Well on Saturday she followed us for like a super long way and it was fun to contact and preach with my dog jajaja. But then the worst thing ever happened and a mean dog scared her into the street and she got smacked by a car :( It just seemed to really damage her leg and put her into shock. Oh did I mention it was raining? Yeah, so I would not leave her there. I carried my little LaLa back to the member's house. It kind of sucked and I smelled like wet dog and was seriously filthy, but I felt good about it. Just the things you never expect to do as a missionary I guess. 
Still loving it here but the rain and cold are kind of killing my sleeping habits! I had to go buy foot warmer thingies to warm my feet jajajjaa
Love you! 
Elder Bigelow