Sunday, October 16, 2016

August 29, 2016

Did we teach you how to work? You kind of gave me the option to learn to work. I just figured it out myself I guess. Yeah, I might find the easiest way to get something done, but I get it done. 
It is funny how that actually applies in the mission. Like we work in everything but we should always be looking for the easiest and most effective way to have success as a missionary. That is working with the members. I can contact about 2,000 people in the street, but maybe just one of them will get baptized. I do it because it is what we are supposed to do but I know the best way to work is to work closely with the members. So we are applying that in our area and seeing success! 
This week was cool because the assistants came with us and worked with the trainers in our zone. I think they really helped and did a lot. They also taught us a few things that we can do to help out and become better missionaries. So that was fun plus they are 2 crazy dudes that are my friends sooo yay!
We worked hard with our missionaries as well doing a few sweet divisions so that was fun.
Other than that we saw some cool miracles with our investigators and they are just progressing. It has been really hard because a lot of people that know that this is the true church just cannot trust God enough to change their lives to be baptized. They end up falling away from the church well before they even get baptized. I want to help them so much but at that point I am powerless but to teach them what is true repentance. It hurts me really bad sometimes...
I had the worst sickness of my mission this week. Just straight diarrhea for the week... it was terrible jajaja but getting better and Hna Greer gave me some pills to take to help out so yay! She also found me some pants! woo! Hna Greer is the best!
Being a leader is expensive though because I try to be the one that helps out other missionaries and basically when I am on divisions I kinda pay for everything... and all the divisions means a lot of costs in food and travel and things. So yeah I have been burning money I feel... but yeah I can't really do anything else about it because that's how I am.
Love you guys and miss you tons!
Elder Bigelow